Keeping Roswell
Safe Together


Integrated Cameras

Connect Roswell is a collaborative community program, leveraging technology to allow the Roswell Police Department to both respond to criminal activity more efficiently, and prevent criminal activity more proactively. As a resident or business owner, you can voluntarily participate by registering or integrating your own camera system.

LEVEL 1: Register Your Cameras

Let's work together to fight crime! Register your security cameras with Connect Roswell today to help identify area cameras in case of an incident. An investigator from the Roswell Police Department will contact you via email if they need your assistance solving a crime near you.

Camera registration takes less than one minute via our secure online portal. Registering your cameras does not allow the Roswell Police Department access to your live video stream - it only enables investigators to know a camera is present at your location and easily request video evidence should an incident occur.

LEVEL 2: Integrate Your Cameras

Businesses and residents can take community security one step further by giving the Roswell Police Department direct access to your camera feed in case of a nearby emergency.

All you need is a small CORE device that you plug into your camera system.

Please complete Level 1 (Camera Registry) before proceeding to Level 2 (Camera Integration). If you have previously registered your security cameras, please go directly to Step 2 to purchase CORE devices.